Women’s Health and HealthTap – Bridging the Gap

HealthTap is an affordable primary and urgent care telehealth clinic that provides top-notch healthcare to Americans across the country. They utilize user-friendly applications, information tools, and electronic healthcare records to connect patients with physicians’ online.

HealthTap provides virtual Primary Care at scale and in real time through its proprietary patient-doctor matching technology. Members have 24/7 access to U.S. board-certified doctors with wait times as short as one minute, offering members 24/7 access to top specialists.

What is HealthTap?

HealthTap is a telemedicine app that enables mobile access to licensed physicians for 24/7 advice and consultations. With video chat, texting and Ask the Doctor features, users have 24/7 availability with licensed providers available via video chat, text and Ask the Doctor.

Before you can utilize HealthTap’s services, you must create a free account. After signing up, you can submit questions and receive responses from an expansive network of tens of thousands of licensed physicians.

For $99 a month (plus $10 for each additional family member), you can access virtual consultations with doctors. These consults can be conducted either by an actual doctor or through HealthTap AI’s artificial intelligence system which processes users’ symptoms and recommends whether or not they need to see a physician.

HealthTap relies on a network of over 140,000 licensed doctors in good standing (licensed physicians with active disciplinary actions are not admitted to the network). These self-identifying experts in various fields are reviewed by fellow members of the HealthTap community for accuracy.

How does HealthTap work?

HealthTap can be your perfect solution if you live in an isolated area, have a busy schedule or lack the financial means to visit your doctor. The platform provides free access to an expansive network of licensed physicians.

Users can ask questions online and via mobile devices to a physician network at no cost, with immediate connections and scheduled appointments available. Consultations may be conducted via video conference, phone call or text chat for added convenience.

HealthTap also features an online symptom checker powered by artificial intelligence that outlines potential causes of patients’ symptoms and provides suggestions on what to do next.

Healthcare experts answer hundreds of questions posed by members and provide treatment plans, prescriptions, referral suggestions and more. Customers have access to a library of questions and answers from doctors across various fields as well as HealthTap’s own database of doctor-answered medical queries.

How can HealthTap help me?

HealthTap provides real-time access to affordable primary care through its proprietary technology and network of certified doctors. Members enjoy 24/7 virtual doctor visits from any digital device (with an average wait time of less than one minute), plus the ability to submit written questions directly to doctors.

HealthTap also offers its AI-powered symptom checker to assist users in diagnosing what’s wrong with them and providing advice on what should be done next. This service aims to give patients a cost-effective solution for their medical needs without sacrificing quality oyepandeyji.

The company has a mission to extend human life and promote wellbeing by providing trustworthy health information anytime, anywhere. Its team of experts includes licensed physicians who specialize in various fields.

How can HealthTap help women?

HealthTap believes that every woman should have access to affordable virtual healthcare at her fingertips — when it’s most needed. Whether it’s an emergency or simply a health question, they provide trusted information from real doctors in real time.

That is why they offer a subscription service with access to an extensive library of doctor answers on topics ranging from women’s health and men’s health, senior health, prevention and wellness. Plus, with this subscription you get free follow-up texting with a U.S.-licensed doctor of your choosing and keep.


HealthTap Prime subscribers get access to apps, prescription management, video visits with doctors and lab tests; plus they just announced their first enterprise product – HealthTap Compass – which offers video conferencing and an employer directory. didn’t disclose how many current subscribers signed up for this new offering but says it’s already generating millions of dollars in revenue – great news for a start-up striving to build sustainable long-term business models aditianovit.

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