Which Bugs Can Be Your Pests

If you ever wanted to know some pests that are best suited for pets, this article will guide you with everything you need to know about pests. And at the end, you will be able to know whether pests can be used as pets at all. However, if you find pests unworthy or you can’t tolerate their presence, visit Best Pest Control Exterminator in Philadelphia Pennsylvania for professional service to get rid of all sorts of pests in your home. Otherwise, read on for seven recommendations of pests that could serve as pets.


Can Pest Be Kept as Pets?

In some nations like the US, it doesn’t sound great to keep pests as pets. However, in many parts of the world, pests have been kept as pets owing to various advantages that the rearers derive. Orient has been recorded to keep crickets in the house because of their night songs. Precisely, when crickets sing in the night and a stranger or an intruder enters, the crickets are disturbed and they would stop singing. This sends a signal to the households that someone new tends to enter the house. The tradition of keeping crickets and katydids singing has been in existence over the years in the East and Mediterranean regions in history. Also, in Japan, keeping crickets is a common tradition, as people sell crickets in markets and also sell cages to house them. It is easily found, eats common foodstuffs, and requires only a small space to be kept.

Bugs That Make Great Pets

If you are thrilled about owning some insects, below is the breakdown of seven insects that make great pets.

1. Stick Bugs Stick Bugs

Stick bugs vary in color and size. Some are green in color and some are brownish. People that are thrilled to owe them as pets would love how they look like sticks, especially the green-colored ones.

2. Millipedes

Millipedes are arthropods with symmetrical bodies. Millipedes come in dark colors and have many legs. How this creature minces its many legs could be fun to watch. Millipedes seem harmless but when they handle too much, they can secrete, in defense, a chemical substance that is irritating to human skin.

3. Cockroaches

Cockroaches often suffer extermination because the impression that would first come to mind is that they are pests. While some species of cockroaches carry diseases and can be annoying, some species like the Mediterranean Hissing Cockroach are loved by pest enthusiasts because of their hissing sound when disturbed.

4. Praying Mantis

Praying mantis are cannibalistic and so, they help in keeping other pest populations under control. They have triangular heads and pincers. This is why praying mantis are natural hunters and it is fun watching them doing their natural job of hunting.

5. Crickets

Crickets can serve as great pests due to some of the characteristics they ensue. Cricket’s night song is considered, in some cultures of the world, as a security enhancer to notify homeowners when an intruder tries to enter the house. However, crickets have a short lifespan of a few weeks if you wish to own them as pets.

6. Mealworms

Mealworms are inexpensive to raise and do not consume much time. Oats and vegetables are enough to keep mealworms sustained. They can be great pets for children because of their wiggy texture when holding them. If children handle them with utmost care and softness, they are thrilling.

7. Ants

For nature enthusiasts, ants are great to watch as they go about doing their industrious work. Watching them build their colony, and helping to carry food items from one point to the other is something you could find thrilling and engaging. Ants only need a constant supply of food and water. However, you must identify the nutrition restrictions of some species to know what food not to give them.

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