What Are Life General and Medical Care Types?

There are many types of health insurance. Some are more expensive than others. There are also different types of medical care. General health plans, also known as indemnity plans, are the least expensive. They cover preventive care, such as regular check-ups. The more expensive policies may require an out-of-pocket expense for certain preventive care services. Others include outpatient care, which is often referred to as “ambulatory care.” And still others are categorized as ‘Medical Care’, which includes services related to mental health and substance use disorders. In addition to these, they cover rehabilitative and habilitative care, which include devices and other medical services that help individuals stay active.

While dental services are the most common type of medical care, other forms of health insurance cover visits to doctors’ offices and hospital care. Approximately half of adults defer these medical services due to cost, including dental care. Another third of adults report delaying care for health-related reasons. Hospital services and mental health care are among the most expensive types of medical care, with hearing aids coming in ninth place. The cost of these services may be out of reach for some, so finding a plan that covers these expenses is essential.

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