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Throw Yourself an At-Home Spa Night with the Everlasting Comfort Neck and Bath Pillow for Bathtub

Take a moment to picture yourself coming home from a hard day that has put your body through intense stretches beyond the limits of your endurance. You are feeling sour and ache all over. You don’t even have the energy to stand up in your shower and get all of the perspiration off of your body that is causing your clothing to stick to you like it was masking tape. All you want to do is sit down in your bathtub and sit in some hot water until it feels cold forty-five minutes later.

But there is just one important problem that is standing between your aching body and your feeling of relief in the tub; you don’t have a bath pillow for your bathtub. With Everlasting Comfort neck and back pillow for bathtub use, you can make your dream bath experience more relaxing in the following ways that we are about to discuss.

Self-Care Matters

Step one when it comes to throwing yourself an at-home spa night with an Everlasting Comfort Neck and back pillow is to understand the benefits of taking self-care seriously and using your tub to accomplish this desire. Here are some of the reasons why you need to soothe yourself for the preservation of your physical and mental health:

Post-Workout Relief

After you finish a firm fitness routine, it is important to reap the benefits of hot baths because research shows that they can potentially ease aches and pains and improve the symptoms that are causing them to occur. If we just work and work and work and don’t take the time to unwind as we should in between long bursts of physical effort, we will eventually start to burn out and become way too tired and stressed out to be at our best.

Rejuvenate yourself with a warm bath to soak your weary body parts.

Help Your Heart

Spending time in a warm bathtub relaxes your blood vessels due to the fact that the heat causes them to dilate, making it simpler for blood to flow through. With this temporary decrease in blood pressure, you will gain the benefit that mirrors the effects of exercise with similar cardiovascular benefit results.

Sleep Better

Hot baths are beneficial to your circadian rhythms, which are the biological processes that are influenced by our environment and run according to a 24-hour internal clock. Your body temperature is a process of your circadian rhythms, and typically we cool off by a couple of degrees when we get ready to go to bed.

Believe it or not, by taking a hot bath, we are able to speed up this process by drawing all our blood to the surface where it can be dispersed. This is why even though you are feeling warm in the hot bath water, you are still cooling down your core body temperature after you get out of the bathtub, and this signals to your bed that it is time to get some sleep.

We all know that when we wake up and are not well-rested, we will be suffering through the next day, constantly feeling like we are lagging behind with not enough energy.

Ergonomically Designed Back Headrest Cushion

Your headrest has been elevated with premium memory foam to cradle your back, shoulders, neck, and head to guard you against the annoyance and pressure of the hard tub surfaces that you would be otherwise stuck with.

Four Strong Suction Cups

Lay back and relax, knowing that your Everlasting Comfort neck and back pillow for bathtub use will not be slipping around all over the place because it will be held securely with four strong suction cups against the walls of your tub, ensuring your warm bath.

Breathable Mesh Cover

You won’t have to worry about your bath pillow sucking in water and feeling like a mushy sponge laying underneath your head. The breathable mesh cover on your bath pillow for your head and neck offers ideal water and air permeability for quick drying results.

Deep Side Storage Pocket

Part of feeling like you are at a spa is not only the part about your body getting a soothing sensation but also the convenience of everything you need being nearby. Your Everlasting Comfort neck and back pillow has a deep side storage pocket to keep your body wash, shampoo, or another personal bath accessory within arm’s reach.

Built-In Drying Hook

As we continue on with the theme of convenience, your Everlasting Comfort bath pillow also has been designed with a built-in drying hook in order for it to be hung onto any towel rack or shower rod to air dry effectively without having to take up too much room in your bathroom.

Free Loofah Included

To further your at-home spa experience, you can give your wash rags a rest and start using the free loofah bathing sponge that comes free of charge when you buy your bath pillow.

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