Support for H1B visa applications: Hire an immigration lawyer

Working and living in the US is a dream for many foreign professionals. The most common is an H1B visa, which is employer sponsored. Whether you are a foreign worker or an employer who intends to hire talent from other countries, understanding the H1B visa system is essential. While it is possible to initiate the process independently, hiring an Addison h1B visa lawyer is always a safer and better option. In this quick post, let’s talk about the H1B visa in detail.

The basics

The H1B visa is an employment-based visa that’s valid for three years. A candidate must have a proper job offer from a US employer, and the latter is required to apply for the H1B visa on behalf of the former. If approved, the professional can live and work in the US for the said employer, although it is possible to change jobs in between. Please note that there is no grace period if an applicant is laid off. The professional must immediately apply for a visa transfer to a new employer or leave.

Eligibility for H1B visas

H1B visas are for foreign professionals who are in various specialty occupations. Professionals must have a valid degree in the said field of expertise, although there are exceptions. Every year, 65,000 H1B visas are issued, while there are additional 20,000 H1B visas reserved for those with a master’s degree or above. If someone intends to bring their minor kids or spouse to live in the US while on an H1B visa, they can do that. Spouses and children can apply for an H-4 visa.

Reasons why H1B visa applications are denied

If the employer-employee relationship is not established, USCIS may reject an H1B visa application. Because the paperwork is complex and confusing, many applications are rejected due to formalities. This is one of the key reasons why hiring an immigration lawyer is so necessary.

Contact an immigration lawyer

Employers often have difficulty trying to secure H1B visas for potential candidates. As immigration lawyers handle similar applications all the time, they know the process better and have a clear idea of the deadlines. It is possible for an employer to contact an immigration lawyer to discuss the hiring needs so that they can apply without missing the key dates.

Most lawyers don’t charge a huge fee for the essential application work, and even if an employer needs to pay more legal counsel, the final price is worth the effort.

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