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Setting Up a State of the Art Auto Repair Shop

Setting up a state of the art auto repair shop is no small feat. You’ll need a space for customer cars, office space, and specialized tools. You’ll also need specialty tools, including lifts, electronic diagnostic equipment, and parts cleaners. Specialty tools may even be needed for specific models or makes of cars. For the shop to be effective, it will need all of these things, as well as a waiting room stylishster

The automotive technician shortage has not affected the quality of service departments. One dealership in Tallahassee, Florida, is understaffed and three weeks behind in service orders. Online customer reviews have been less than favorable. In response, the dealership offers $6,000 signing bonuses to qualified technicians and provides ample vacation time. To attract more people to the field, the dealership also recommends that manufacturers sponsor shop programs in high schools.

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