Save Money On Appliance Repair: Five Things To Avoid

Almost everyone has to repair appliances from time to time. Some people are lucky and never have problems with them, but the rest of us at some point or another will need to take part in appliance repair. As for myself, there was that time when I was about 11 years old and decided that my washing machine was awesome and should be able to transform into a robot like Optimus Prime in Transformers. I thought as long as I ran some warm water through it, it would transform and my clothes would come out clean. This is an issue all on its own (and something that I don’t think I’ve ever shared before now), but what’s important here is the fact that I broke the washing machine.

So to make sure you will save money on appliance repair, here are 5 things you should avoid.

Calling the first name you see in a Google search

Calling the first name you see in a Google search can be a mistake. You might end up with a repairman who doesn’t have the experience or knowledge to fix your appliance.

The best way to find an experienced and reliable repair service is to ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. You can also ask your local Better Business Bureau if they’ve received any complaints about local appliance repair companies.

Another option is to call the manufacturer of your appliance directly and ask who they recommend for repairs. Some manufacturers offer their own warranty service plans that include free or discounted repairs on their products.

Assuming that you need to buy new parts

If you’re considering replacing your refrigerator’s compressor or other components, first try to determine whether the existing parts can be repaired rather than replaced. Some problems can be fixed simply by cleaning and lubricating the unit, for example, while others require more extensive repairs.

Trying to disconnect appliances yourself

This is a job for the professionals. The electrical current in your home is strong enough to kill someone and you don’t want to take any chances. Attempting to disconnect appliances yourself can also damage appliances and cause dangerous hazards for your family.

Neglecting to clean your appliances on a regular basis

If you don’t clean your appliances regularly, they’ll become clogged with dust and dirt that can cause problems down the road. The same goes for your refrigerator coils — getting them cleaned on a regular basis will help keep your fridge running smoothly.

Not using manufacturer-approved parts when they’re available

When an appliance breaks down, many people will call the first repairman they see and let him do whatever he wants with their appliance. This isn’t always wise since there may be parts available from the manufacturer that are better for your particular model of appliance than generic parts or used parts would be. Using these parts can often make your repair more effective and less expensive than using non-manufacturer approved parts would be.
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