Round bar and deformed bar used in construction

Almost all types of construction work must have construction rebar To play a role in the operation, not less, including floor work, column work, beam work, which is the selection of the appropriate type and size. Which today we will come to know about deformed steel. and round steel Rebar for concrete reinforcement or construction rebar Used in reinforced concrete, foundation work in general. There are 2 types of rebar for reinforced concrete: Round bar and deformed steel bar

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Round Bar RB is a round and smooth surface. Used for small to medium-sized construction. It is a steel construction that is used for not very strong loads (SR24 has a tensile strength at a yield point of not less than 2400 ksc. kg/sq. cm.) because the steel body has a smooth appearance is therefore not as good adhesion to cement as it should be. It is suitable for column casing work, floor work, lintel pole work. and others that are not directly related to the weight There are many sizes, which are RB9, RB12, RB15, RB19, RB25, the latter unit is millimeters, for example, RB9 steel is a round bar with a diameter of 9mm. etc masstamilan.

Deformed Bar (DB) Deformed Bar (DB) surface with chevron or segments throughout the line. cling to Mortar is better than round steel bars. Used for construction of medium size up to steel used in structural work that requires direct loads. It has a round shape with chevrons and may have fins. The surface of the rebar will look like segments along the line. To strengthen the adhesion of steel to concrete more. There are many different types of iron ingredients. With different chemical composition, for example, deformed bars SD30, SD40, SD50 have tensile strength at the yield point of not less than 3000, 4000, 5000 ksc., respectively, which means that deformed bars can bear more strength than smooth round bars. and will give a better effect on weight gain The choice of type of deformed bars SD30, SD40, and SD50 depends largely on the type of structure (SD represents the steel strength at a yield point of 3000 ksc.

Characteristics of good rebar There must be a chevron spacing that is equal and consistent throughout the line. no rust marks No cracks and cracks At present, the construction uses deformed steel rather than round bars. because of higher quality Both the tensile strength at the yield point and concrete adhesion strength In addition, the proportion of steel use of SD50 and SD40 is also higher than SD30, because in the construction, the use of appropriate materials helps to avoid collapse of the construction, construction failures and can withstand. against earthquakes Therefore, using quality steel is more advantageous than spending a lot of money on reconstruction later in the day when the building collapses expotab

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