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China has turned into a terrific supplier of things recently for foreign retailers to export goods. China shipped 331 billion USD worth of goods abroad in 2021, 61 billion of which went to the UK.

Many businesses have started building their supply chain as a result of the massive expansion of China’s export capacity. However, because of the rules set forth by China and the United Kingdom, import from China to the UK is a difficult process.

You must take a lot of factors into account when importing. This could involve everything from coordinating overseas travel and customs clearance to managing long-distance relationships. Carefully read this page if you are thinking about importing from China.

This article will correctly guide you on how to import various goods from China into the United Kingdom.

1. Plan your import objectives

It is a good idea to be certain of your goals before beginning the import process. If you want to buy materials at a lower cost or sell your consumers goods that are not yet available in the UK, you might look to China.

Additionally, importing needs to be consistent with your overall business plan.

2. Identify a reliable, legitimate, and good supplier

Verify if the supplier can fulfil your qualifying criteria and is creditworthy. You must be aware of the supplier’s use of subcontractors for any work that is outsourced.

To build a good relationship with your suppliers, you will also need to be aware of Chinese culture. The importance of Mandarin, which is China’s official language, is rising.

Over one billion people speak it, more than any other language, in the entire world. Mutual trust can be built by making an effort to understand a few basic terms.

3. Negotiate the right deal

You may negotiate the best deal by knowing your own strengths and weaknesses as well as the priorities of your supplier. For instance, if you have enough cash on hand, you could propose to pay more quickly in exchange for a favourable price.

The Chinese are of the opinion that prospective business partners should establish a rapport before engaging in economic activities to import from China to the UK.

4. Reduce risk by drafting a clear contract

It is crucial to have a contract that is crystal clear and spells out the precise payment and delivery parameters you have agreed upon.

Using commercial terms that have been agreed upon internationally lowers the possibility of delivery issues or miscommunications. The contract should specify what payment is expected, when it is due, in what currency, and how it will be made.

5. Select which mode of transportation you will use

You must choose how you will import from China to the UK, and then select whether you will handle logistics in-house or contract out to a freight forwarder.

The two main methods of import from China are by air and by sea.

Shipping by water might be an option for your company if you need to move huge quantities but there is no time-sensitive delivery requirement.

However, air delivery may be a better option if you need your things urgently and with a high level of security.

6. Declare your imports to HMRC

To HM Revenue & Customs, (HMRC) imports into the UK from outside the European Union (EU) must be declared. The Single Administrative Document (SAD), also known as form C88, is typically used for this.

7. Familiarise yourself with the trade tariff of the UK

What you as an importer or exporter need to know and the rates of duty you should pay are made clear in the Integrated Tariff of the United Kingdom, generally known as the Tariff. The Tariff can tell you whether your items need a licence as well as the current duty and import VAT rates.

8. Understand the significance of commodity codes

When you want to import from China to the UK, you must identify the appropriate commodity code for your products in order to complete customs documentation appropriately.

In the case of imports from outside the EU, the code is a ten-digit number. Knowing the commodity code allows you to look up other crucial details like duty rates and any import or export limitations.

9. Check if you need any import licence

If you want to bring products from China into UK, you need an import licence. Import restrictions apply to a variety of products, including food, textiles, and weapons.

10. Taxes and duties on imports

Knowing if you must pay import VAT and charge on your goods before they can be cleared for entry into the UK is crucial for traders.

Depending on the classification of the products and their origin, imports may be subject to import duty. Imported goods from outside the European Union are subject to VAT at the same rate as purchases made in the UK, which is presently 20%.

11. Ensure the Quality of Your Products

The primary consideration when importing items into the UK is their superior quality. This guarantees your company’s reputation with customers

Let us say your products are of poor quality, or perhaps possibly harmful. In that instance, this might hurt how people perceive your brand, impede the supply chain, and result in goods being held at customs or even sent back, which would result in financial problems.

What products the UK usually imports from China?

Depending on the sector, China exports a wide range of products to the UK. Nevertheless, the most popular imports in 2021 were:

  • Business of electrical and electronic equipment was $19.73 billion
  • Business of machinery, boilers, and nuclear reactors was $17.58 billion
  • Business of furniture, prefabricated buildings, and lighting signs, were $6.72 billion
  • Miscellaneous chemical products were $6.00 billion
  • Toys, games, and sports requisites were $5.39 billion

According to these statistics, electrical equipment is the main import into the United Kingdom. This can come from a variety of businesses, including brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers. Business-oriented machinery for construction and engineering projects comes in second.

The distinction between corporate construction items and consumer goods that people generally import from China to the UK is depicted above, highlighting the variety of products available and giving businesses the freedom to diversify their product lines

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