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Is Wearing a Watch Unfashionable?

The sartorial world is filled with fads and faux pas. While it’s hard to go wrong with a gold watch, there are certain etiquette rules to follow when it comes to wearing it. While you don’t have to wear it with a gold belt or watch, it’s recommended that you follow them to avoid looking out of place. Here are some guidelines to follow:

The use of a wristwatch can make you look less distracted. While it’s tempting to glance at your phone, this can be rude and distracting when in a meeting. Also, it can be unprofessional to check your watch when in a formal environment. Many people prefer to avoid using their cell phones in such situations. They’re simply too easy to lose focus. This is why it’s more appropriate to wear a watch to the office.

If you want to avoid looking unfashionable, wear your watch on the non-dominant hand. Wearing it on the dominant hand may cause a lack of confidence and make you look unprofessional. Some people wear them on the left wrist for convenience. It also makes setting the time easier. If you wear a watch on your right wrist, you’ll have to tilt your left hand to reach the crown and you’ll most likely set it incorrectly. It’s best to wear a watch on the non-dominant hand so you can concentrate on your work at a faster pace.

Men are generally not allowed to wear a lot of jewelry, but they can still wear a watch. Many women don’t consider their wristwatches a feminine accessory. Men, on the other hand, struggle more with wearing jewelry. This is one of the many benefits to wearing a wristwatch. It’s not only convenient, but it’s also a fashion statement. Whether you wear a dress watch or a dive watch, your choice should reflect your personality and preferences.

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