If I Focus on Policing, Can I Ever Transform Into a Legitimate Advocate?

As a law student, the first question on your mind is: If I focus on policing, can I ever become a legitimate advocate? This is a difficult Freshwap question to answer – it’s difficult to understand the position of police chiefs. But they have to believe that human life is the most precious resource on the planet, so they must place the highest priority on protecting it. They must also prioritize situations in which human life is at stake, like riots. And in order to achieve this, the use of deadly force must be consistent with society’s philosophy of rational social control.

In his article, Vitale makes two important points. First, police Merdb officers adjudicate conflicts between homeless people irked by their presence. Second, police officers often act as de facto untrained community mental health Sportspress providers. Vitale is correct to argue that America’s housing and mental health problems need to be addressed instead of using police as a Band-Aid.

But the main thesis of Vitale’s piece is that police were Elibrary originally social control tools, not public safety Codeplex instruments. They are the result of elite fears about urban working class communities, immigrants, and runaway enslaved people. These fears are far too deeply-rooted to be addressed by reform. The author’s focus on policing makes little sense. If I focus on policing, can I ever transform into a legitimate advocate?

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