How White Label PPC Advertising Services Work

The white label PPC advertising service is a marketing technique that allows you to market your product or service with Google AdWords on behalf of another business. White label PPC advertising services are extremely beneficial for both businesses and individuals who want to take advantage of the benefits associated with pay per click marketing without having to invest in developing their own ads.

What is white label PPC

White label PPC is a type of advertising service where the advertiser has no direct control over the ads or the ad campaign itself. In other words, you don’t have to create the ads yourself; you just tell us what you want your audience to see and we put it together for you.

The benefit to this type of service is that it’s very easy for most businesses to get started with white label PPC because there’s no need for them to understand how Google Ads work in order to use it effectively. This can help save time and money on training employees who are unfamiliar with SEO or paid advertising in general.

We’ve created written guides on how to create a successful white label PPC campaign that includes some examples of what makes an effective ad creative in case anyone needs some inspiration!

Your agency does the work

The first thing you need to understand about white label ppc is that you do the work. You’re providing the tools, training, and support for your team members.

Not only does this eliminate any confusion over who does what between your client and their customers, it also saves them money. That’s because most agencies charge for time spent working with clients—but when you’re running your own business, there’s no extra cost involved in helping someone learn how to use a new tool or feature on their website!

You resell white label PPC services

There are many people who want to resell white label PPC services.

  • You can resell white label PPC services to other agencies.
  • You can resell white label PPC services to in-house marketers.
  • You can resell the service directly to your clients

White label PPC services help agencies provide full digital marketing services to clients.

White label pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a form of white label SEO that allows agencies to offer all the features of an integrated marketing campaign in a single, streamlined package. This makes it easier for agency and client alike to reap the benefits of incorporating search engine optimization into their overall brand strategy.

White label PPC campaigns benefit both the agency and its clients in several ways:

  • They allow agencies to provide full digital marketing services instead of just PPC ads alone;
  • They allow clients to take advantage of more than just pay per click advertising;
  • White labels allow them both access different types of data that can be used as metrics when making decisions about future enhancements or changes on existing projects within your business


White label PPC provides a win-win situation for both agencies and clients. Agencies are able to provide full digital marketing services, while also increasing their profit margins by reselling white label PPC as part of their own offerings. Clients receive all the benefits of a white label PPC service at a fraction of the cost and without having to deal with any technical aspects themselves.

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