How Might I Change the Owner of a Business Page in Facebook?

If you wish to transfer ownership of a Facebook business page, it is possible to do so. To do so, visit the page’s settings and change the admin. First, remove the previous admin, if any. You can then add a new admin to the page. After making the change, you will need to reset your password to access your page. This process is similar to changing the owner of a personal page.

To assign someone else as the new admin, go to the Business Manager account of the person who has the permissions to manage the page. To do this, toggle the permissions as admin and accept the request. After accepting the request, the new admin will be able to see the page under their Business Manager. If you want to remove the admin role, follow the same steps as changing the owner of a personal page.

If the original owner of the page has moved, or if you wish to hand over ownership to a friend, you can transfer ownership of the page to the new owner. In this case, you must be the administrator of the business account or the Page in order to transfer ownership of the page. Afterwards, you should inform the new admin of the transfer of ownership. The new admin will be able to remove the administrator status.

If you don’t want to be the admin of your business page, you should contact the current owner of the page. He or she will help you resolve the problem. Alternatively, you may want to start a new Facebook business page. After all, agencies often set up Facebook pages for their clients. It is also possible to transfer ownership to a family member. When changing the owner of a business page in Facebook, you must have the approval of the current owner of the page.

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