Hardships Looked During Distance Learning

There are some major difficulties in integrating distance learning into a school environment. One of the most common difficulties in homeschooling is translating lesson plans for the online environment. Even experienced homeschooling teachers may not know how to adapt their lessons for an online environment. However, there are ways to adapt proven in-person protocols for distance learning. Break down the assignments into LiveLesson(r) sessions and other forms of active learning. Homeschooling parents should also have a reliable home base for their children. A home base will ensure a consistent schedule and detailed assignments.

Another major challenge faced by ELLs is language proficiency. These students did not have access to native English speakers, limiting their opportunities to practice their language skills. In addition, families often struggled to provide support for the students due to limited English comprehension. In response, some school districts increased their Internet access and modified their instructional methods to address this challenge. In one district, the curriculum was broadcast on Spanish language TV.

Students experiencing distance learning may feel isolated or disengaged because they do not experience the same social pressures and rewards as students in an in-person classroom. Parents can help their children feel connected by enabling them to participate in classroom discussions and to engage in group activities outside the classroom. Parents should also encourage their children to engage in group activities, such as online games or in-person social interactions celebrow. Additionally, students may experience difficulties with motivation if they are not in a synchronous learning environment. Despite their efforts, it is important to provide ample opportunities for students to connect with classmates and faculty thetalka.

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