Hammer Toes: Causes and Treatments

The hammer toe is a medical condition where a person’s second toe crooks downward, and the middle joint also curls up. The initial signs are so mild that one barely notices it when it starts. In Sydney, many people might totally miss it because of wearing thongs throughout the year. So for the consultation of hammer toes in Sydney, there are many online and offline platforms.

According to specialists, about 54% of people all over the globe suffer from chronic disease to a specific grade. The number doesn’t vary in Sydney; therefore, one should have a comprehensive idea about the sickness and how to treat it.

How One Ends Up With Hammer Toes

The cause of the condition typically includes more than one reason. Muscular imbalance is one of the biggest reasons for hammer toe. It also happens when someone constantly wears shoes that don’t fit properly and pace their offices in Sydney’s Central Business District. Muscles work in pairs to bend and straighten the toes. But ill-fitted shoes create an imbalance in muscle movements. As your toes are fixed position for a long time, the muscles tighten and have a hard time stretching out.

For fashion statements, many people prefer sleek-looking shoes with pointy forwards. But these shoes will bend your toes if you use them regularly. Because of the tight fitting, the toes rub against the shoes, and later, the situation becomes gloomier.

Other reasons that can cause or start hammer toe are:

  • High foot arches.
  • Genetically motivated reasons.
  • Extremely small or tight shoes.
  • Bad foot injuries.
  • Stiffened foot ligaments.
  • Flat feet.

Diseases like arthritis can also affect you because of their connection with muscles and nerves. Wrong or forced exercises can also damage muscles, causing hammer toe.

Initial Preventive Measures

The best precautionary hammer toe treatment is using shoes that fit you effortlessly with a supportive footbed. Also, it is better to avoid extremely high and pointy heels. Especially in the case of children, you have to be extra cautious because they don’t understand the concept of imbalance in muscle movements. So, buy them shoes every six months to support their natural growth.

Hammertoe Treatments

If one can spot the signs of hammer toes in the initial stages, one can fix it without surgeries, but the treatment needs to be prompt for sure. Meanwhile, if one doesn’t notice it, then with time, the rigidity of the toe increases, and it becomes almost impossible to fix the situation without surgeries. And if it remains unchecked, it will take a grotesque claw-like shape. Sometimes, because of the lack of treatment, the particular toe can even affect the good one. As a result, you will face difficulty while walking normally to your favourite pizzeria on Pitt Street or doing your morning jog in Hyde Park. So, if you notice hammer toes in the early stage, treatments will work the best for you. Nonetheless, the following are some of the best treatments:

  • Using footwear that has a deep and wide toe box.
  • You can use custom-made orthotics or shoe inserts to ease the toe’s position and redistribute the weight.
  • Widening and consolidation of muscles via exercise

Though in the advanced stage, you have to eventually go for surgeries.

According to Australian medical statistics, 78.6% of Australians suffered from at least one long-term health issue during 2020-21. This also can be an aftereffect of COVID. Therefore, one should not allow any physical condition to linger. And ignoring hammer toes because it is in the foot is nothing but negligence. Therefore, if you suffer from hammer toes in Sydney, look online for the best treatment options. Nevertheless, the faster you take action, the better.

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