Gift ideas for secret Santa. 

Secret Santa is a fun way to celebrate Christmas with your friends and family. Other than that, you can even organize it at your workplace. As it is a good way to engage with people. 

However, we all know that it’s so confusing to select the gifts that you want to give to your friends and family. But, don’t worry – we have got your back! Here are 5 gift ideas for secret Santa this year!

Face socks 

Well, you might not believe this but there’s nothing as funny as your face on a pair of socks. And guess what? There are tons of places that will pull it off for you. If you know a designer – ask them to design it and get it printed from a shop nearby. Other than that, you can also place an order online. 

You can get the same print on a mug or shirt too. But, nothing will look funnier than these socks when the receiver opens up the package. 

Cactus plants 

The whole concept of secret Santa revolves around the fact that you can pack a lot of things in a small gift. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a gift for your loved ones. All you need is a creative streak and some insight into the mind of the receiver. But, let’s be honest – everyone will love a cute cactus plant for secret Santa. They won’t cost you a lot but they will make up for a great gift!


The world can get overwhelming for people. In this regard – they always need something that can give them some respite. Phycological research has revealed that keeping a journal can positively impact your mental health. Therefore, a journal can be a great gift that you give someone this Christmas. 

To make it more special, add a special note on the front page of the journal. Give them tips on how they can journal. 

Throw Blanket 

The holiday season has a lot of warmth. It’s because everyone gets together and enjoys their time together. However, to add to the warmth – you can add a throw blanket as a secret Santa present. Yes, it seems odd. But there is nothing better than snuggling in a cute throw blanket while watching TV. So, it can make up for a banger present this Christmas season. 


Gone are the times when we used to buy candles for lighting. Now, people get scented candles so that their rooms smell nice. Scented candles are cute and inexpensive. So, you can include them in the secret Santa mix. 

Now, there are tons of options that you will get when you set out to choose a candle. Hence you will have to play smart. Keep two candles in the box. For example, a subtle one and a harsher one. So you will be safe in both cases.

Pro tip: lavender and coffee will be a great combo. 


Secret Santa is a wholesome time pass for the holiday season. Due to inflation, it’s hard for people to get gifts for everyone. Hence, you can try to play secret Santa. It’s because everyone will have to buy a gift for only a single person which will take the burden from them. 

In this article, we have added 5 items that you can add to your secret Santa stash this holiday season. But, in this chaos – do not forget to get Christmas cards or holiday cards for your loved ones. Everyone will appreciate the extra effort. 

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