CBD for the cosmetic industry

Hemp seeds are beneficial for the skin in many ways. Whether the properties help to fight inflammation of the skin. Protect your skin from UV rays, reduce acne, and reduce wrinkles and dark spots.

  • Hemp and cannabis extracts are gaining active interest in the beauty market in our country and abroad.
  • In addition to skincare products, Other products such as soaps and hair care products use CBD (Cannabidiol), extracted from the leaves and branches of hemp.

Hemp is a plant that has been with humans since ancient times. With many benefits, such as bringing fibers to weave into clothes, active ingredients with medical benefits, health promotion properties, and the beauty benefits that are used in various beauty products. All hemp products are not essential for your body. You have to buy CBD products from a quality CBD shop.

Hemp is a versatile plant with beautiful properties

Did you know that hemp seed extract benefits the skin in many dimensions? Whether it helps to fight inflammation of the skin. Protecting the skin from UV rays Helps reduce acne, wrinkles, and dark spots Because hemp contains a substance called Cannabidiol or CBD. This substance helps fight free radicals. and inhibits the production of Tyrosinase. This enzyme produces melanin, The leading cause of dark circles. It also helps to make the skin firmer. It is, therefore, not surprising that hemp and cannabis are now the top ingredients in the beauty industry. According to the Thai Cosmetic Manufacturers Association in 2021, hemp and hemp in the cosmetic industry account for more than half of the international market value.

And for those abroad, Thai cosmetics are also trendy in ASEAN countries, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Australia. As a result, Thailand is the 2nd largest cosmetics exporter in ASEAN and 10th in the world. This means that we will see new beauty products. From cannabis and hemp, let’s get to know each other better. CBD is not easy to use, and the shop maintains all the quality and rules of CBD products. Only a quality CBD shop will be trustable.

The Hemp-Hemp Phenomenon in the Beauty Market to Watch

In the international market, skin care products containing hemp extract have been sold for quite some time, with the results of studies on the benefits of CBD in hemp to reduce skin inflammation. Many brands use the extract in their skincare products, such as Kiehl’s, which combines Hemp Seed Oil extract from hemp into a serum that reduces redness, or Herbivore, a natural skincare line with CBD—blended in skin nourishing oils to add moisture and anti-inflammatory. An example of a Thai brand is Canasol, a particular hemp skincare brand. Hemp seed oil extract is the main ingredient in the serum. Another brand is Dr Jel, which uses CBD from Thailand’s hemp grown. There is also a demonstration plot where hemp is grown by studying the hemp strain with the highest CBD.

If you know all ingredients of CBD, you can easily buy CBD products from CBD shop.

You can see that hemp and hemp extracts are becoming very popular in the beauty market in Thailand and abroad. In addition to skincare products, CBD, extracted from the leaves and branches of hemp, is also used in soaps and hair care products. Therefore, it is considered the most popular extract and is in demand in domestic and international markets.

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