Benefits Of Core Hole Drilling

There are many benefits to core drilling and it is currently among the most useful and versatile methods to cut through concrete. If you require concrete cutting or drilling services, keep reading to find out more about the top-rated benefits of core hole drilling.

Core drilling provides a way for wide, deep, and any irregular shapes to be accurately cut into steel, stone, or concrete. One of the best aspects of core hole drilling is the fact that this machinery operates almost silently while creating no or minimal disturbances to the surrounding structure.

Concrete cutting involves the use of several tools to remove or shape hardened concrete. The concrete saws come in various types from road to wire and hand-held saws. There are also polishers, sanders, and grinders. And the third type includes the core drills. The core drills use drill bits of varying lengths or widths.

Core Hole Drilling Benefits

  • Depth Of Cut

The standard core drills drill up to a depth of 70cm (700mm). While the specialised core hole drills drill to much further depths. When it comes to thick slabs of concrete, drilling is usually the preferred method. By drilling holes successively together, a process called stitch drilling is used to cut thick concrete into different shapes.

  • Trueness Of Cutting

A single setup is all that is needed to cut perfectly round holes using a core hole drill. Holes with the same width as manholes are commonly cut, but it is certainly possible to cut even bigger holes. The core drill will only need to be mounted once and it will carry on drilling until the perfect hole has been drilled. Core drilling allows for a way to precisely determine the size of each hole, so fitting windows, pipes, or cylindrical objects becomes easier.

  • Customisation

When it comes to residential or commercial projects, core hole drilling typically requires a customised approach along with high levels of accuracy to achieve desirable results. When you use a professional company like Sydney Sawing & Drilling, there are many customisation options to choose from to match the requirements of your project.

  • Minimal Disturbance

Core drills are known as non-percussive processes. This means that the drilling processes cause minimal vibrations. This also means that minimal disturbance is caused to the surrounding area. Core drilling also minimises structural damages that may occur when using other techniques such as a jackhammer. The water applied to the cutting surfaces help to suppress concrete dust and to keep the drill cool.

There are many benefits to core hole drilling and it is currently one of the best ways to cut concrete. If you are ever needing a deep, true, or perfectly round hole in a concrete slab, core drilling is the best option.

Sydney Sawing & Drilling is the top core drilling business in Sydney. They have a team of specialists that always examine the concrete structures that require drilling before drilling actually commences. If you require residential or commercial core hole drilling tasks anywhere in Sydney, contact Sydney Sawing & Drilling today for a no-obligation quote on  02 9158 6101.

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