Auto Injuries: What to Do After a Truck Accident?

Having a severe car accident can be a very traumatic experience for many people who go through it. This is incredibly daunting if you get hit by a large truck. An accident that involves one or more commercial vehicles is always severe, and most of the time, it ends up with one or two fatalities.

And even if you luckily survive the truck accident, you would still have to pay tons of bills and fight the tough legal battle to get compensation for the resulting damage. So, you not only need the help of the best truck accident lawyers, but you also must ensure the next steps you take from the moment you had the accident are in your favor.

What to Do After a Truck Accident

While keeping your best interests in perspective, we share some valuable tips below if you ever end up in a truck accident.

This guide will give you an idea about what immediate steps to take after an accident so that truck accident lawyers have sufficient evidence to get you the compensation you deserve.

1. Be Calm

As hard as it may seem, you must remain calm if an accident happens, regardless of whether it is an accident with a commercial vehicle or otherwise. Your state of mind will determine how you’ll handle the entire situation, so it is better if you try and remain as calm as possible.

2. Call the Emergency Services

Assess your condition and the condition of the people with you during the accident. Once you do that, you must contact emergency services such as the police department and ambulance services about the accident that has occurred.

Calling the ambulance service is crucial since they will tend to the wounds of those injured in the car accident, while the police will be able to document all the evidence at the scene if anybody wishes to make a case later on.

This is a vital step for a commercial car accident, ensuring there is little to no speculation for the authorities to determine who was at fault.

3. Get Medical Help

After an accident, you may feel that you have not been injured, but that is only because of the adrenaline rush. Once that wears off, you will start feeling pain and find injuries that were already there and need to be treated as soon as possible.

This is why it is essential to seek medical help soon after the accident. Your doctor shall be able to help you out with any medical assistance you need. They will also document all the injuries and their severity, which may be helpful afterward to prove your case in court once you hire a personal injury lawyer.

4. Look for Witnesses

If you aren’t severely injured during the accident, you can also scope out the entire area and look for eyewitnesses. You must collect statements from these witnesses by asking them precisely what happened.

Don’t forget to take their contact information so that, if need be, they could come and tell the court the first account of the accident. Also, direct the officers to the witnesses once they arrive at the scene. The police should also document witnesses’ accounts and create a report containing all necessary information.

5. Take Pictures to Document Evidence

The police will document all the evidence at the scene. But you should also do that yourself if you’re confident you had nothing to do with the accident.

Take pictures of the car and the surrounding areas. Get statements from the witnesses, and don’t forget to get their contact information. Also, ask if anyone has captured any footage of the accident. Look through these videos once you’re more aware of yourself and find if any footage was captured from a dashcam.

This should give you plenty of evidence to prove you were innocent.

6. Be Aware of What You Say

Getting into a significant or semi-truck accident can be an infuriating experience. You may lose your calm at some point which is entirely understandable, but it would be better for your case if you don’t say anything to anyone at the scene.

Remain calm and cooperate with the authorities as much as you can. Don’t say anything or pass any comment that could land you in hot water later on. Only provide them with an account of what happened, and don’t blame anyone.

7. Don’t Post Anything on Social Media

You must not post anything on social media if you want compensation for the harm done. We understand that it can be tempting, but it will only hurt your case. So instead, let the evidence speak for itself and take the whole matter to court.

8. Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

Being in a truck accident can mean you have sustained sufficient damage to your well-being and financial assets. This is why you must hire a truck accident lawyer who can get you the compensation you deserve by holding the other driver responsible for their negligence.

If you’re sure you weren’t in the wrong and it was the other driver’s fault, don’t waste time and hire an attorney right after the accident. The lawyer will review all the evidence and file a case in the civil court on your behalf.


While we hope you never have to face a situation like the one we have just described, it is still better to be in the know. You never know when you might have an accident, so being aware of what you can do to compensate for the damages can help you in the long haul.

Try to remain as calm as possible after the accident and always call the emergency services as soon as possible. You and the people accompanying you must get medical help and treat wounds on the scene to prevent any long-term consequences of the injuries.

Contact a truck accident lawyer and file your case with them on your side. Truck accident lawyers are experienced in getting you the compensation you deserve.

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