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Adventure Activities to Do in Beijing

You’ll be impressed with the natural landscape and cultural relics of the Fragrant Hills Park, a 400-acre park located northwest of the city. However, it’s best to visit the park in the fall, when the park is less crowded. Be prepared to share the experience with hundreds of other Chinese tourists, as well as other international travelers. Beijing is known as a hotspot for outdoor activities, but there are several other great opportunities to enjoy nature and culture.

There are many activities for children to participate in, as well as a vast array of cultural attractions in the city. Visit the Forbidden City, which was the summer home of past emperors, to experience a slice of history. Hire a guide from the gate to learn about the history of the city and enjoy the beautiful gardens and sculptures throughout the area. You can also explore Belhai Park, which is home to a playground and pedal boats.

Another activity to take part in is visiting the zen gardens. Located in West Beijing, zen gardens are open from 8 am to 4 pm. You can enter the zen gardens for ten to twenty Yuan and enjoy the sights of the city and countryside. Some zen gardens even have decent hiking trails. The city’s parks are great spots to take the family, but be prepared to face a bit of smog and rain.

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