A Guide for the Newcomer to Last Claudia by Redfinger

Last Claudia is a mobile RPG with a Japanese style of battle-idling. Gamers can pick their beloved characters and utilize diverse sacred artifacts to vanquish the monsters and protect the continent.

Gaining higher levels in Last Claudia can be achieved by following a few steps.

Players must increase their strength to participate in fights against monsters in Last Claudia. As an idle game, it focuses intensely on experience points and offers only one way to gain them – by progressing through stages. Those who idle for four to five hours daily get much lower experience than those who idle for over twelve hours. To give a boost, diamonds can be used to buy gift boxes that contain experience potions.

In addition, Last Claudia provides gamers with an unrestricted amount of resets over the course of ten successive draws at the start of the game, leading to different arrangements and sacred items for every player, thus influencing their grinding efficiency.

The strategy for tackling the box pushing puzzle mode in Last Claudia is as follows:

The objective of the box pushing puzzle mode is to move the wooden boxes from their starting point to a specific location while contending with space restrictions. It is important for gamers to be mindful because the boxes can only be pushed and not pulled, or the path may be blocked. Consequently, gamers must use the limited area and passages prudently and shift the boxes in the correct sequence and arrangement to complete the mission. This game mode is split into EASY and HARD levels, and at the conclusion of every round, the player’s performance is gauged based on time and steps taken, and stars are awarded depending on their performance. In case the boxes become stuck or the character is wedged between them, the game is considered lost. Initially, each box-pushing round serves as a tutorial consisting of one box. Nevertheless, as the game advances, there may be up to eight boxes, necessitating players to have a good comprehension of the terrain to pass.

In Last Claudia, one can create characters by drawing them.

At the start of the game, players can use ten free resets in a row to choose the characters and gameplay styles they prefer. While several SSR characters can be obtained from the get-go, it is suggested that players select characters from the main team when they are playing through it for the first time. According to information from the Taiwan server, the most popular SSR character is the princess, and almost all of these come with a flying ship as an SSR sacred object. After that, Robin is the second most favored SSR character since she is able to equip any type of equipment and can easily fit into any team formation. Robin is highly-regarded by players, and is considered a great character for grinding materials.

Sacred objects are deemed more significant than characters, since the latter can be substituted, but not the former. As gamers move through the main story, the characters they receive are oftentimes more capable and powerful than those in the gacha pool, and are not easy to get through.

The Last Claudia video game offers the ability to set auto-skill preferences.

Players can choose to play in full auto mode, in which all attack skills will be used automatically, or semi-auto mode, in which only normal attacks will be triggered automatically. To enable the auto mode, an “auto driver” must be purchased and set up in the options. It is suggested that gamers with some experience of the game set the auto, semi-auto, or manual mode according to their preferences after becoming acquainted with the game. However, auto mode is not recommended for newsintv beginners.

In Summary

Have you found this guide to be very useful? There are multiple skills to be learned in Last Claudia, like how to take on tasks and farming materials. If you’re interested, you can download the Redfinger Android emulator from Cloud Emulator and gain access to even more content.

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