5 Simple Methods to Clean and Maintain Your Grill Pan

Who doesn’t love grilled food? From grilled fish and chicken to crispy burgers, these can make anybody’s day or week. Your prime weapon for these dishes will probably be a cast iron pan. That’s why keeping the pan clean and sparkling is so essential.

Even if you can’t sparkle the pan, you must eliminate the remaining food particles and gravy.

Cleaning your pan regularly will prevent the pan from becoming sticky and remove any leftover layers from the surface. However, you must know the right methods to keep the utensil spotless.

Let’s examine the most effective ways to maintain your beloved grill pan.

1. Select the Right Cleaning Materials

You can’t use any run-of-the-mill cleaning items for the pan, only the ones that aren’t harsh to its surface. So, avoid tools like steel wool that can damage the protective coating of the pan. Instead, use a microfiber cloth or a soft scrubbing sponge to clean the dirt.

Moreover, be mindful of the utensils you use with the pan. If the pan has a non-stick surface, avoid using metal utensils that might scratch the coating. Silicone or wooden utensils are a better option.

Lastly, use a cleaning agent or solution with no harmful chemicals or additives. Check the label for more information about this. Always use grill-safe cleaning products.

2. Clean the Pan after Cooking

Do you have the habit of leaving the pan as it is after cooking?

You might clean it after some time or the next day. However, this can cause the food bits to stick on the surface and get a little hardened. Then, wiping them off the pan will be a daunting task.

So, develop the habit of cleaning your pan surface after preparing the dishes and serving. Removing the food particles will be easy after cooking. Add warm water to ease the process and get that grease off your pan.

If needed, apply a mild cleaning agent to improve your cleaning process.

3. Utilise Natural Cleaners

If you feel the grease is too sticky and tough to wash away, switch to natural cleaners. Saltwater and baking soda are excellent options for cleaning rigid stains and food crumbs.

Sprinkle a few pinches of baking soda on the interior surface and add a little water. Rinse the surface using your cleaning tool until the unwanted particles are obliterated.

If you prefer salt water, use salt and warm water on the pan’s surface. Begin scrubbing between the corners and ridges to get the grime off.

4. Avoid Using the Dishwasher

Your dishwasher may be excellent for most utensils, but not the grilling pan. This is because the washer can damage the protective non-stick coating. Even if the pan claims to be “dishwasher safe”, it’s best to avoid it.

So, you need to wash the pan by hand.

Using warm water is the most common step for washing these pans. If you don’t want to wash using your hands, use a little dish soap and a sponge.

5. Store the Pan Neatly

The final pan maintenance strategy is storing it using a towel or cloth.

Your favourite grilling pan might get scratched when kept with other utensils. The interior and exterior surfaces might be ruined by stacking the pan with other pans or plates.

So, keep them separate using a clean cloth between them and other cutlery or cooking items.

Wrap Up

Besides following these steps, you must avoid leaving water in the grill pan after cooking. Keeping the interiors dry will enhance appearance and longevity.

Remember that regular maintenance is essential for the pan to be intact for years. Happy cooking.

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