4 Top Reasons Why a Pet Dog Can Get Jealous

Dogs can get jealous for various reasons. It can be the usual scene when you are attracted to something or a place other than your fur baby. It is a dog instinct, and there is little to worry about unless your furry baby barks until all hell breaks loose or wreaks havoc inside the home.

Learn the cause of your puppy’s envious behavior so that you can address the issue right in the beginning itself. Take this step to avoid chronic aggression episodes fueled by insecurity and jealousy. Contact your vet when unsure to hopefully resolve your puppy’s issue.

Puppy insurance helps deal with unanticipated pet health problems and emergencies, not behavioral issues. It helps if you know that even a cheap pup insurance policy covers a pupper’s testing and treatment costs only if behavioral problems result from underlying health conditions.

Contemplate purchasing a policy in the best interests of your four-legged companion’s wellbeing. Meanwhile, read this article to know a few reasons for your fur baby’s envy.

1.Addition of a new pet

Bringing home another young or adult canine friend can trigger feelings of jealousy in your in-house pet. The household’s focus on the new pet can be highly annoying for your already settled dog, which is why you can expect some fireworks inside the home when both are in the same place.

For instance, it is not uncommon to see your puppy growling at the new furry member, guarding your lap, or trying to get between you and the new pet. It can get worse if the two furry people have conflicting personalities or are of the same sex.

2.Addition of a new human family member

In this case, your in-home dog’s feelings can be pretty much the same as before. When your spouse or a new baby arrives home, your dog might be weeping its heart out because of the divided attention it receives. Your puppy might not be willing to share the love and attention and act out in response to new introductions.

3.Environmental changes

Moving to a new home, changes in your puppy’s routine, altered work schedule, returning to school after vacation, and other situations filled with uncertainty can upset your pooch. When you channel your energies towards tasks that need your immediate attention apart from your dog, it might not know why things are changing so fast and why you do not recognize its presence. Hence, piling up massive feelings of jealousy in the heart.

4.Being the new pet at home

If your new puppy is jealous, we agree it has some important reasons to feel so. Naturally, your new fur baby craves your care, touch, voice, and affection. However, sharing these with your new puppy and the in-home pet could implicitly mean that tomorrow you can conveniently bring another fur baby home that changes the status quo. Deep down, your puppy could be fearing losing its new home.

In a multi-pet household, the owner must assure each furry pet exclusive resources and bonding time so they can live comfortably without bitterness. However, extreme negative behaviors shouldn’t be ignored and may require medical intervention.

Puppy insurance helps with unplanned vet bills for accidents, illnesses and more but doesn’t cover behavioral issues unless they are due to physical health conditions. Consider buying cheap pup insurance so that providing your puppies with quality medical care need not be a financially cumbersome task.

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